Take A Stand

What Is life with out a purpose?, What is a future with out a vision?. Fustration and depression are blood of same root. Life may seem difficult ,unfair and inconsiderate.yet you really do HV just one choice survival. Taking one step at a time .. living one day at a time .. we are the genesis of our own calamity, impatient ,lack of focus or foresight . Most times those we love and care for are at the heat of our break down ..

What do we do?

Communicate ,reach out to these person’s or person .Be brave get some balls ,pull the bull by his dam horns and give a real spank by pouring out your heart out and making your feeling known..

We hear of many depressed and fallen men and woman we say what a waste. Yes , it’s a waste .. a brilliant mind is gone .. extinct .

But ! We fail to ask why .. what has lead to this wasteful actions.. Do not judge a book by it’s cover they say. I say do not judge a book by it’s weight ..

Many are going into that black hole . Many are being drained of that last piece of patience ,hope . Stand up and make a move,safe a soul Talk to someone ,ask that person u see sad a question . Say hi ,why u sad ,and if they refuse to open up ,don’t go. .still say you can talk to me .. give me a try.. And if you that guy or girl sad ,hurt broken hearted .. don’t be scared or ashamed to talk to someone..

The truth is , she I mean fustration and her brother depression are just standing right beside us all waiting and looking for a victim.. .Dnt be a victim .. Safe yourself and let yourself be safed .

Together we can make the world a better place to live…

Say no to depression or fustration…